DSC08828 Used on H&R SCUBA Website-crop-2013

At H&R SCUBA we use only Halcyon high quality premium Dive Gear and Regulators for our Training Systems. This is the same equipment used by many of the world’s best divers, Explorers, Wreck divers, Deep ocean divers, Cave divers, National Geographic Video Documentation divers, and many regular divers just like us. Learning to dive with the best equipment makes Diving easier, safer, and more fun! (More photos below)

008 H&R-SCUBA-gear-&-crates-2013-09-27

We store our Halcyon Dive Gear in convenient Totes and our Tanks are stored below in organized compartments!

006 H&R-SCUBA-gear-&-crates-2013-09-27

We use shiny Brushed Aluminum Tanks!

013 H&R-SCUBA-gear-&-crates-2013-0927Even our Rinse Tank is pretty! 🙂

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