H&R SCUBA CLASS – SPRINGS – Open Water Training Dives-Troy Springs (October 2013)

Troy-Springs-OWTD-3&4-Beverly-Nicki-2013-10-13 083


Beverly and Nicki with their H&R SCUBA Instructor Howard Smith. They are holding their Scuba Diving Certificate from H&R SCUBA.

(Photo by H&R SCUBA)

H&R SCUBA Open Water Training Dives at Troy Springs – October 2013

Troy-Springs-OWTD-3&4-Beverly-Nicki-2013-10-13 074CONGRATULATIONS Beverly & Nicki you are now Certified PADI Scuba Divers!

Way to go girls! We are proud of you!

(Beverly and Nicki holding their Certificate from H&R SCUBA & their Cooler Gift).

(Photo taken by H&R SCUBA)